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    Sweet and pure, the lily of the valley is said to bring luck in love. A lovely smell, also believed to be the harbinger of happiness. Daniel Sangado's interpretation of the traditional lily of the valley scent is a modern, energized and sensual fragrance. It is based on concentrated fine essential oils and will lasts for many hours on your skin. 

  • This fragrance is playful, sensual and feminine. It is spontanous and complex at the same time and outlines the elegance of the woman who wears it. This modern composition is based on a dark and sophisticated oriental base combined with warm floral nuances of tuberose, jasmine and tonka bean.

  • New scent, 60ml perfumeThis intimate, overwhelming fragrance captures the very essence of femininity, awakens deep feelings and empowers the woman who wears it.

  • Perfumed Deodorant body spray SANGADO COSTA DEL SOL with specially selected extracts. It will bring you comfort and freshness which will last all day long. Natural and free-spirited, this fragrance embodies the beauty and elegance of the contemporary woman - she is radiant and extraordinarily irresistible.

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    The ultimate temptation, sex appeal and vanity - she is dominant, high-style and does not know compromise. Triumphant and spectacular, her appearance is staggering, almost intimidating.This perfume is based on fine highly concentrated essential oils. It stays on the skin for long hours. 

The SANGADO brand of fragrances was created by the perfumer Daniel Sangado and comprises of high-quality perfumes for all tastes and occasions. We are an EU-based producer and we use only premium-quality essential oils. Our perfumes have 8-12 hour lasting power. Variants for her are PARFUM, while variants for him are EAU DE PARFUM, featuring high concentration essences. Buy now a cheap branded perfume of top-notch quality directly from the producer! Indulge a lovely fragrance or make a delightful gift! Delivered free in the UK.

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Received so many compliments and people asking the name of the perfume. Light, clean, fresh. Little goes a long way…(Ocean Bliss)

Maryam L. | Bristol

Hello Sangado, buy pricey department store perfumes! Anyone could tell me one reason why I should spend small fortunes for virtually the same staff on the high street? :)- (Supernatural)

Rosie L. | Manchester

Legit. Up there with prestige brands. Couldn't believe how good the scent is. Excellent strength and concentration. Smells like high end perfumes. (Pure Gold)

Angelina J.| Huddersfield

You can easily replace your prestige perfume with this one and save the extra money. Pretty happy I got that one, I think I’ll stick to it for a while. Great value for money, received many complements. (Imperial Glam)

Tanya | Mansfield

Smells absolutely gorgeous! Great price. Definitely will be buying it again. The real thing and at a bargain price. Many perfumes are overpriced, not this one. (Jasmine)

Mrs. Peake | Oldbury