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SANGADO fragrances are based on superior French essential oils. Their significant concentration (classes Parfum and Eau de Parfum) ensure 12-hour lasting power. Our strong scents are great bargains and are offered to you at discount prices. 
There is a variety of women’s perfumes - floral, spicy, fruity and woody. Our selection for men includes woody, spicy and fresh fragrances.  

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    Irresistible embodies the twenty first century man. There is something simple and clean in his appearance, which attracts women like a magnet. This is the dream man every woman has ever wished for. Concentrated fine essential oils are used. This perfume can be felt on the skin for long hours. 

  • New scent, 60ml perfumeParisian girl is an emblematic and hypnotic fragrance. This oriental elixir unfolds on a vanilla base. Parisian girl radiates elegance and sensuality. It is young spirited and is ultra refined and charming.

  • This signature fragrance was designed to make a bold statement and is the epitome of sexiness. The protagonist is non-conformist, free and hedonistic. An inherently masculine fragrance, simply irresistible to women.

  • This fragrance symbolizes seduction. This is the scent of the ultimate womanizer - the natural alpha male, radiating confidence and presence. This fragrance arouses her senses and makes a strong and lasting impression.

  • This fragrance is playful, sensual and feminine. It is spontanous and complex at the same time and outlines the elegance of the woman who wears it. This modern composition is based on a dark and sophisticated oriental base combined with warm floral nuances of tuberose, jasmine and tonka bean.

Showing 49 - 53 of 53 items