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Woody scents are built on elements such as sandalwood, rosewood, cedar, agar wood, patchouli and vetiver. Interestingly enough, contrary to what their name suggests, mostly the leaves and roots are used. Woody scents also often incorporate mossy and leather notes. Some perfumers also add a layer of spices or fruity nuances to enrich their woody compositions. A woody fragrance is earthy, warm and dry.
SANGADO woody fragrances are characterized by a high concentration of premium-quality essential oils. Their 12-hour lasting power makes them a great buy for personal use or a gift for someone dear. Offered to you at the lowest possible discount price. 

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    A voluptuous and opulent aroma, "Supreme confidence" is about the self-assured woman - she is feminine and gracious, embodying the ideal of infinite freedom. "Supreme confidence" is a highly concentrated perfume and can be felt on the skin for long hours. 

  • New scent, 60ml perfumeThe delicate touch of freesia flowers on a refined musk base. A vibrant and elegant fragrance, Velvet touch tells the story of a positive and optimistic woman. The fragrance highlight her femininity and charm.

  • New scent, 60ml perfumeThis is an exuberant and extremely feminine fragrance. A unique combination of floral and woody nuances, completed by a warm musk base.

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    This fragrance is devoted to the mysterious and thrilling woman, a little bit of witch, who is amazing, exuberant, and does not belong to this world."Supernatural" is based on concentrated fine essences and lasts for long hours.

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    Natural and free-spirited, this fragrance embodies the beauty and elegance of the contemporary woman - she is radiant and extraordinarily irresistible.This fragrance is based on fine concentrated essential oils and lasts for long hours on the skin. 

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