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Enjoy our sets of samples offered to you at bottom prices. Every set contains (i) 5 samples of 3 ml and (ii) a perfumed page with 10 SANGADO fragrances. Free UK delivery.

Test our fragrances in the comfort of your home. This is a much better approach compared to sampling perfumes in the stores, here are 4 reasons why: 
1. No pressure to buy right away. Choosing a fragrance which fits your personality is certainly not an easy task. The numerous options out there do not make it any easier. Here you are not in a rush or under pressure to buy. This makes a big difference.
2. Give time for the fragrance to reveal its true character. It takes at least 15 minutes for a perfume to settle down. Top notes dominate in the beginning. However a scent is incomplete without the middle and base notes which unveil later on.
3. Don’t confuse your senses. Testing more than 3 perfumes consecutively will distort your senses. You will not be able to identify the separate scents and will certainly not know which one you liked best. This is why having the time and convenience is so important.
4. Test a perfume in its natural environment. There is a blend of different scents in the shop environment, which will distort your perception of a fragrance. Your home or workplace are perfect places for a perfume to reveal its genuine character.