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Discover the new alluring and refined fragrances from SANGADO Scarlet collection. Based on selective class French perfume oils, they echo the latest trends in Fragrance. These long-lasting elixirs with impressive sillage (perfume for her and eau de parfum for him) are accomodated in a new, elegant 60 ml bottle (20% more scent). Indulge a new sensational fragrance or make a delightful gift!

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  • New scent, 60ml perfumeThis intimate, overwhelming fragrance captures the very essence of femininity, awakens deep feelings and empowers the woman who wears it.

  • New scent, 60ml perfumeA unique creation in the world of perfumes, Orchid in black is a multi-layered composition - intense, velvet and super feminie. Its refined and luxurious aura is felt for many hours.

  • New scent, 60ml perfumeThe delicate touch of freesia flowers on a refined musk base. A vibrant and elegant fragrance, Velvet touch tells the story of a positive and optimistic woman. The fragrance highlight her femininity and charm.

  • New scent, 50ml perfumeThe man wearing this fragrance is irresistible to the others. Ares radiates masculinity and refinement. In simple terms it smells just like a fine man.

  • New scent, 60ml perfumeA versitile fragrance, Sicily resonates with the modern woman and is bult on contrasts - delicate, yet noticeable, delightful yet subtle, accomplished yet spontaneous.

  • New scent, 60ml perfumeThis warm and moody fragrance evokes the emotion of the ultimate attraction. Like a bouqet of flowers she is blossoming, radiant and deeply passionate.

  • New scent, 60ml perfumeThis is an exuberant and extremely feminine fragrance. A unique combination of floral and woody nuances, completed by a warm musk base.

  • New scent, 50ml perfumeInvincible is a modern male fragrance. It is inspired by the man who bears the spirit of a champion and is obsessed with victory. The composition of the perfume is based on wood notes, complemented by a fresh chord and the ultimate result is a triumph of masculinity and elegance.

  • New scent, 60ml perfumeThis Incredibly captivating fragrance brings to life the image of a sophisticated, yet kindhearted woman. She radiates elegance and refinement - like a Greek goddess.

  • New scent, 60ml perfumeParisian girl is an emblematic and hypnotic fragrance. This oriental elixir unfolds on a vanilla base. Parisian girl radiates elegance and sensuality. It is young spirited and is ultra refined and charming.

Showing 1 - 10 of 10 items