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SANGADO fragrances for men are class EAU DE PARFUM. They are based on carefully selected, premium-quality essential oils. Our perfumes have 12-hour staying power due to the premium essential oils, utilized in a high concentration. They are a great buy for personal use or a gift for someone dear. Their cheap price and outstanding quality make them true bargains. 


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    Aqua Genovese is a passionate and masculine fragrance, impregnated with freshness. It is inspired by the image of the elegant, sensual man. He is charming and energetic - the type of man you can meet in the romantic spots in Italy – in the city of Venice, on the shore of the Como lake or on the Island of Capri.The perfume owes its unusual lasting power to...

  • New scent, 50ml perfumeThe man wearing this fragrance is irresistible to the others. Ares radiates masculinity and refinement. In simple terms it smells just like a fine man.

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    This fragrance is about man's fantasies and desires - powerful, overwhelming, even addictive. His intimate aspirations are what drives him and makes him nonconformist and so special. "Pure gold" is based on highly concentrated French essences and has a superior lasting power. 

  • Few fragrances are coloured black, and this is one of them. It is not by any means common, actually it is quite unique. Black Exotic is created for confident and seductive men. It is dark, mysterious, smooth and deep. Its rich and hypnotic nature appeals to her senses and creates desire for more. The ultimate seducer.

  • New scent, 50ml perfumeInvincible is a modern male fragrance. It is inspired by the man who bears the spirit of a champion and is obsessed with victory. The composition of the perfume is based on wood notes, complemented by a fresh chord and the ultimate result is a triumph of masculinity and elegance.

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    This modern Casanova is a natural seducer and a heartbreaker - the ultimate womanizer.Mr. Charming is a highly concentrated long-lasting fragrance. 

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    A soul shaker, a natural charmer and a manipulator, Don Juan is a charismatic predator, who knows intimately the female soul.This fragrance has an excellent staying power due to the concentrated premium essential oils used.  

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    The man in black celebrates the sexy, affectionate and sensual man, who is simply irresistible to his significant other. Their idyll is extraordinary, the secret of two souls, who triumph having found each other.  You can feel this fragrance for long hours due to the highly concentrated class of perfume. 

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    Irresistible embodies the twenty first century man. There is something simple and clean in his appearance, which attracts women like a magnet. This is the dream man every woman has ever wished for. Concentrated fine essential oils are used. This perfume can be felt on the skin for long hours. 

  • This signature fragrance was designed to make a bold statement and is the epitome of sexiness. The protagonist is non-conformist, free and hedonistic. An inherently masculine fragrance, simply irresistible to women.

  • This fragrance symbolizes seduction. This is the scent of the ultimate womanizer - the natural alpha male, radiating confidence and presence. This fragrance arouses her senses and makes a strong and lasting impression.

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