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Spicy fragrances are based on a fabulous palette of intense scents such as musk, vanilla, exotic resins and wood. These blend with exotic spices originating from the Orient to form warm and sensuous compositions for men. Their rich combination of base notes make spicy scents linger long on the skin. They are a great wear for fall, winter and early spring months.
Below is our list of recommended SANGADO spicy fragrances for men. Our products have 12-hour staying power due the premium essential oils used in high concentration. And don’t forget - every man should have at least 3 fragrances close at hand so that he does not fall into the dull category of “a predictable man”. Our online shop offers an assortment of men's perfumes at discount prices which will certainly lift your image. 

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    This fragrance is about man's fantasies and desires - powerful, overwhelming, even addictive. His intimate aspirations are what drives him and makes him nonconformist and so special. "Pure gold" is based on highly concentrated French essences and has a superior lasting power. 

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    The man in black celebrates the sexy, affectionate and sensual man, who is simply irresistible to his significant other. Their idyll is extraordinary, the secret of two souls, who triumph having found each other.  You can feel this fragrance for long hours due to the highly concentrated class of perfume. 

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    Irresistible embodies the twenty first century man. There is something simple and clean in his appearance, which attracts women like a magnet. This is the dream man every woman has ever wished for. Concentrated fine essential oils are used. This perfume can be felt on the skin for long hours. 

Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items