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  • New scent, 60ml perfumeThe delicate touch of freesia flowers on a refined musk base. A vibrant and elegant fragrance, Velvet touch tells the story of a positive and optimistic woman. The fragrance highlight her femininity and charm.

  • New scent, 60ml perfumeThis is an exuberant and extremely feminine fragrance. A unique combination of floral and woody nuances, completed by a warm musk base.

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    Incurably romantic, the protagonist of this luminous and exclusive fragrance lives up every moment and enjoys life. The personage is simple, yet very powerful, soft-hearted, yet profound. One can feel this perfume for a long time. Highly concentrated premium essences are used. 

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    Bright and energetic aroma, "Royal delight" is all about radiating beauty and irresistible charm.This perfume is based on concentrated French essences and lasts for long hours. 

  • New scent, 60ml perfumeThis warm and moody fragrance evokes the emotion of the ultimate attraction. Like a bouqet of flowers she is blossoming, radiant and deeply passionate.

  • New scent, 60ml perfumeParisian girl is an emblematic and hypnotic fragrance. This oriental elixir unfolds on a vanilla base. Parisian girl radiates elegance and sensuality. It is young spirited and is ultra refined and charming.

  • This signature fragrance was designed to make a bold statement and is the epitome of sexiness. The protagonist is non-conformist, free and hedonistic. An inherently masculine fragrance, simply irresistible to women.

  • New scent, 60ml perfumeA versitile fragrance, Sicily resonates with the modern woman and is bult on contrasts - delicate, yet noticeable, delightful yet subtle, accomplished yet spontaneous.

  • A rich melange of tropical florals dominated by sublime tuberose and subtle jasmine. This fragrance is unusually voluptuous and seductive and outlines the beauty of the woman wearing it.

  • This fragrance is playful, sensual and feminine. It is spontanous and complex at the same time and outlines the elegance of the woman who wears it. This modern composition is based on a dark and sophisticated oriental base combined with warm floral nuances of tuberose, jasmine and tonka bean.

  • A dark, glamorous composition impregnated with a sweet vanilla note. The result is an absolute irresistible combination. This is an ultra-feminine, vibrant and sensual signature fragrance.

  • Perfumed Deodorant body spray SANGADO PURE GOLD with specially selected extracts. It will bring you comfort and freshness which will last all day long. The ultimate temptation, sex appeal and vanity - she is dominant, high-style and does not know compromise. Triumphant and spectacular, her appearance is staggering, almost intimidating.

  • A sensual and bold fragrance. The composition is based on gardenia and animalistic musk, which are completed by chypre and flower notes. This radiant and captivating perfume evokes feelings of passion and freedom.

  • Perfumed Deodorant body spray SANGADO COSTA DEL SOL with specially selected extracts. It will bring you comfort and freshness which will last all day long. Natural and free-spirited, this fragrance embodies the beauty and elegance of the contemporary woman - she is radiant and extraordinarily irresistible.

  • A delightful, clean and crisp citrus fragrance. Sparkling and cheerful, Citrus garden contains abundance of citrus fruit and exotic ingredients. The result is an ultra-modern and irresistible fragrance.

Showing 33 - 48 of 100 items