How can I test your perfumes?

You can order samples of SANGADO top sellers here.

How come I have never heard about SANGADO?

The perfume sector is dominated by multinational corporations which put enormous resources in advertising and have established their brands in the minds of the consumers. On the other hand, we strongly believe customers need to have access to as many choices as possible. We offer selective class fragrances based on concentrated fine essential oils at bottom prices. While SANGADO is a new brand on the European market we have an ever growing pool of loyal customers, purchasing regularly SANGADO fragrances. This is a proof that people trust our brand and find value in our products. 

What makes you different?

The SANGADO lineup of fragrances was created by the seasoned perfumer Daniel Sangado. Only first class highly concentrated essential oils are used. As a result our perfumes have 12-hour lasting power and a strong sillage. The products are produced in the EU in compliance with all EU regulations. 

Isn’t your product too cheap to be for real?

As experts in the industry we know that the product inside is only a small part of the price the customer pays, when they buy a fragrance. The price covers advertising, distribution and licensing costs, which are significant and make up to 70% of the total costs. SANGADO fragrances are inexpensive despite the high quality ingredients used. We bring the products directly to you, thus avoiding the traditional distribution chain and the related costs.

Why do all perfumes have the same package? 

To obtain savings and offer you a great price we decided to use a unified packaging for each series in our lineup. We focus on what we think is the most important - the high quality fragrance inside.

Are your products genuine? 

Yes, SANGADO is a registered brand name. All fragrances have been developed by the perfumer Daniel Sangado.   

Can I find your products in the stores?

We have a limited presence in stores as we mainly focus on online sales. For information regarding your nearest store please contact us.

Can I return a product?

Yes, certainly. Please review our return policy here

What is the difference between Eau de Toilette, Eau de Parfum and Parfum?

Depending on the concentration of essential oils every fragrance falls into one of the following groups:

Parfum - very high concentration, lasts 12 hours on the skin (depending also on the type of aroma)

Eau de Parfum – high concentration, lasts up to 8-12 hours on the skin

Eau de toilette – moderate concentration, lasts up to 3-5 hours on the skin

Eau de cologne – low concentration, usually aftershaves.

SANGADO fragrances are Parfum for her and Eau de Parfum for him. The high concentration of essential oils guarantees that they generally last 12 hours. However please keep in mind that there are also other factors determining the lasting power of a fragrance. The type of aroma is one (for example fresh flavours last less than oriental ones), the type of skin is another. Seasonality is also a factor as in the hot season essences tend to evaporate more quickly from the skin.