What Our Customers Are Saying

Sunshine in a bottle.Nice and refreshing summertime scent. There is lemon accent in the composition.(Mediterranean Breeze)

Anna | Essex

Hello Sangado, buy pricey department store perfumes! Anyone could tell me one reason why I should spend small fortunes for virtually the same staff on the high street? :)-(Supernatural)

Rosie L | Manchester

Received so many compliments and people wanting the name of the perfume. Light, clean, fresh. Little goes a long way…(Ocean Bliss)

Maryam L. | Bristol

Excellent scent, value for money. You get what you pay for. Put it on 8 am and it was 4 pm when I was asked what perfume I was wearing.(Intense Pleasure)

S. Greer | London

Fresh, green, feels easy and nice in general . Put it in the morning. Can still feel it on my clothing. Excellent price for a good quality item.(Royal Delight)

Vicky S. | Perth

Excellent product. Everyone comments how lovely it is. All is really good, many thanks. (Costa del Sol)

Danni J.| Manchester

Very happy customer :). The scent is amazing.(Costa del Sol)

D. Hodson | London

Stays around for a long time. Received numerous compliments.(Ms. Diamond)

Erica | Penarth

Lasts all day on me. Don’t need too many spritzes to make it last. I can feel it is concentrated, it is oily, just like fragrance oil.(White Pearl)

Carla W.H. | Harlow

Phenomenal staying power. I just love this perfume, smells great and lasts many hours with only 3 splashes (one on the neck and one on the wrists).(Uptown Lady)

Sally M| Melrose

Smells sweet and lasts long hours. Makes me feel elegant and feminine.(Absolute Adoration)

Hayley K.| Keighley

Excellent longevity. This scent is all about flowers. Lasts quite a while. Got complements (from both sexes). Every woman should have it. (Absolute Adoration)

Marta | Newport

I have ordered two perfumes from your company and I absolutely love them. I have had quite a lot of different perfumes in my lifetime, but these are soo different - definitely unlike any other perfume have had. They are simply divine.The two perfumes I have already bought are The Unforgettable and Absolute Adoration. The first one has a sense of mystery and tranquility about it, and the second one is definitely a very sexy fragrance. What I really love about these perfumes is that they last a whole day, and through the night too. Absolutely great value for such upmarket smelling perfumes. They are every bit as good as the likes of Chanel, Dior and the other big brand names…. (The Unforgettable)

Linda M | Tullibody

A fragrance that gets you noticed. Great wear, both clean and quite powerful I would say.(Delicate Twilight)

G. Ashcroft | Luton

Bought this one as a gift for myself. Firy and peppery scent, very distinctive and pleasant. Use it when I go to work, received questions and complements on it. Impressed with the staying power.(Pure Gold)

Jessica V. | Jersey

Legit. Up there with prestige brands. Couldn't believe how good the scent is. Excellent strength and concentration. Smells like high end perfumes.(Pure Gold)

Angelina J.| Huddersfield

You can easily replace your prestige perfume with this one and save the extra money. Pretty happy I got that one, I think I’ll stick to it for a while. Great value for money, received many complements.(Imperial Glam)

Tanya | Mansfield

Amazing smell, bought it for my mother, she loves it too. One spray per day is all you need. (Her Majesty)

Mandi | New Milton

Totally love this one. I ordered the sample set and treasured it for a while. It is fresh, vibrant, so elegant yet wearable.(Mademoiselle Dechamps)

Akeem F. | Glasgow

A winner. Smells nicer than a lot of perfumes in my collection. Lasts as long as claimed. Indeed parfum, must be more concentrated than the normal eau de parfum and eau de toilette. I got complimented on how good I smell. (Irresistible)

Evelyn R.| Stratford

Unique smell, very affordable. Sweet, heavy romantic perfume, happy to have it. It fills the room and lasts till the evening.(Supreme Confidence)

Rozina| Sunderland

Beautiful perfume with good staying power. I was impressed, really like it. It is an elegant, classy smell, very different from what I am used to. (Eternal Goddess)

Aishah Y.| London

Indeed, doesn’t fade quickly, incredible bargain. Among the best roses I’ve ever smelled. A scent that lasts. Great product.(Rose)

Mrs. Savic| Christchurch

My husband said wow, you smell gorgeous. Indeed stays with you all day. The price is extremely affordable. (Lily of the Valley)

H. Davis | Pulborough

Simple, clean florals. Realistic lilac smell, could sniff the perfume all day. The idea to bring back clear natural scents is lovely.(Lilac)

Agne W. | Mansfield

Smells absolutely gorgeous! Great price. Definitely will be buying it again. The real thing and at a bargain price. Many perfumes are overpriced, not this one. (Jasmine)

Mrs. Peake | Oldbury

If you like parma violets for sure you will like this one! No “old lady” smell. Put a smile on my face. (Parma Violets)

Evelyn F.| London

Blown away by the hyacinth one. Beautiful scent for a lady of any age.(Hyacinth)

Pauline | Wigan

Five stars Great value, I’ll definitely buy again. Smells so good, a clean, natural scent. Nice and wearable.(Iris)

Jezebel V. | Kilkeel

The product sells itself because it is wonderful and so different.(Gardenia)

Barbara V. | North Lincolnshire

Everyone likes this fragrance. Freshness coming from citrus. Could smell it on my clothes in the evening. Near perfect.(Acqua Genovese)

Samir| Somerford Keynes

Strong, deep and long-lasting, overall great smell. Liked it more than sample 624, I’ll go for this one. Used 631 and was also fine. Good men fragrances and you can’t beet the price. Like also the free delivery.(The old seawolf)

Andy| West Midlands