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    Romantic and sensual fragrance with a distinct velvet feeling, very suitable for evenings and special occasions. Celebrates the intense pleasure of being a woman - her presence will be deeply felt and will ignite admiration, passion and sometimes envy.This perfume is based on concentrated French essences and lasts for long hours. 

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    Incurably romantic, the protagonist of this luminous and exclusive fragrance lives up every moment and enjoys life. The personage is simple, yet very powerful, soft-hearted, yet profound. One can feel this perfume for a long time. Highly concentrated premium essences are used. 

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    Passionate and larger than life, the vision of this fragrance reveals the image of a white angel, who sometimes appears in dreams. Welcome to the zone of sensuality, passion and seduction.This fragrance is based on fine French essences and can be felt on the skin for long hours. 

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    This fragrance is devoted to the mysterious and thrilling woman, a little bit of witch, who is amazing, exuberant, and does not belong to this world."Supernatural" is based on concentrated fine essences and lasts for long hours.

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    This is an aroma dedicated to the ultimate woman in our life that we will never forget. Delightful and simply stunning, we keep her image eternally vivid in our mind and heart.  This perfume has an unusual staying power thanks to the highly concentrated superior essential oils used. 

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    This fragrance is about man's fantasies and desires - powerful, overwhelming, even addictive. His intimate aspirations are what drives him and makes him nonconformist and so special. "Pure gold" is based on highly concentrated French essences and has a superior lasting power. 

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    The man in black celebrates the sexy, affectionate and sensual man, who is simply irresistible to his significant other. Their idyll is extraordinary, the secret of two souls, who triumph having found each other.  You can feel this fragrance for long hours due to the highly concentrated class of perfume. 

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    Irresistible embodies the twenty first century man. There is something simple and clean in his appearance, which attracts women like a magnet. This is the dream man every woman has ever wished for. Concentrated fine essential oils are used. This perfume can be felt on the skin for long hours. 

Showing 1 - 8 of 8 items